3 Ways Technology is Improving Senior Home Care Franchises

person holding an iPhone. Concept of Franchise displayed on image. Portray of how useful is technology for senior care franchise owners.

There are 10,000 seniors over the age of 65 living in the United States today. This has caused many investors to become intrigued by growth in the senior home care industry. It has also led to an explosion of funding in this niche and a huge demand for tech-enabled innovations. Many senior care franchise owners have chosen to invest in technology for a variety of reasons. This choice will make a long-term, positive impact on these franchises.

Technology Increases Proficiency and Builds Trustworthy Referral Partners

Paper is still used to deliver essential documentation such as health reports in the home health care industry. Many senior home care franchises also rely on physical timecards when tracking their caregivers’ hours. The ability to share these types of paper documents is challenging, cumbersome, and time-consuming. 

Any franchise that wants to continue to grow must have an efficient means of handling the information of both their staff and the seniors in their care. This is where software systems come into play. They can track inventory levels via mobile devices. Software systems can even file for reorders when the stock has become low. Technology can also provide home care franchise owners with real-time information regarding their employees’ efficiency and effectiveness through software monitoring.

Technology also provides franchisees with quality-of-care insights. This information is invaluable for the business’ growth. By sharing these data-driven measurements with the appropriate personnel, they can make decisions regarding which services are impacting their elderly clients’ results the most. This is important since most franchises maintain relationships with other clinics and health care organizations that share referrals. These referral partners must be able to see improvements occurring in the senior’s quality of life. Doing so builds a sense of accountability, merit, and trustworthiness, making it easier to recommend the home care franchise.

Return on Investment Increases with Tech-Driven Marketing Techniques

Marketing is important when it comes to getting your company name and its services out to the people. Technology plays an integral part in many marketing strategies today. Whether you’re using Facebook, SEO, or any other medium, your marketing will become more convenient and efficient thanks to the use of technology.

Many senior care franchises are surprised to learn that they can easily target 62% of seniors over the age of 65 and 72% of adults between the ages 50 to 64 on Facebook alone. With just a simple Facebook business page, you’ll be able to reach several thousand people in your area that you might not reach with traditional marketing methods alone. By committing to incorporating technology-based marketing into your business, you’re deciding to invest in sustainability.

Technology Differentiates You From Your Competition

The senior home care franchise niche is growing increasingly competitive. Owners need to find ways to stand out from their competition. Business intelligence tools that can measure your business’ metrics and benchmark them in comparison to your competitors can be helpful, especially if there are enhanced data analysis and qualitative results available. 

Adapting to new Technology

The transition to technology doesn’t always go smoothly. However, if you’re reluctant to make this transition, you may miss out on critical marketing targets, growth, and training opportunities. If you are looking for a service provider who recognizes how important technology is to good senior home care, look no further than  A Better Solution in Home Care.