The Business Of Caring

Training and Support is Essential to Your Success and We Take that Seriously
Proper training can make all the difference in the home care franchise business, so we make sure our franchisees get the most thorough instruction and the highest quality coaching available in the industry. The ABS team has over 50 years of experience in the senior care industry. Your program provides comprehensive, hands-on training to get you off to the right start. Once you complete training, you will be fully prepared to start your journey as an ABS business owner.

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By joining the ABS family, you are provided with the tools and guidance to begin your journey successfully with a strong, dedicated team of professionals guiding your path.

Pride of Ownership

The same way owning a Senior Care Business changes the lives of many in our communities by providing jobs and keeping seniors safe at home, A Better Solution Franchise does the same for you. We are a smaller Franchise system, purposely designed to allow our Franchise Partners to be in close contact with our Corporate and Leadership team at all times. A Better Solution Franchise opportunity will change your life and your family’s life by creating a legacy that can be passed down for generations, built and sold for your personal financial gain or even built up for a passive income source throughout your lifetime.

Franchising means being in business for yourself but not by yourself. With all of your brochures, paperwork, HR, licensure, expert training done by national coaches and the “A Better Solution Marketing and Operations Team,” we offer our franchisees ongoing opportunities and contracts for business. You can take pride in owning A Better Solution Franchise System knowing we are a Faith Based corporation who are as dedicated to our Franchise Partners as we are to our families and to our communities. We are driven by Core Values that make us proud to offer this business opportunity and allow our Franchisees to have the Pride of Ownership that is possible when the decision is made to take that leap of faith and start their Senior Care business with us.

Your Personal Invitation to ownership with ABS

Home care, by its very nature, is intimate and complex, meeting people at the most vulnerable moments of their lives while successfully matching them with caregivers and creating a feeling of comfort and safety. For the Managing Partners of our system, this is a calling and we treat it as such. We have profound empathy and respect for the impact we have in the lives of our franchise partners, our clients and the caregivers we employ. We teach by example and invite you to be a part of that commitment – to be a driving force in your community and make a lasting impression on the lives of others.

We teach by example and invite you to be a part of that commitment –

to be a driving force in your community and make a lasting impression on the lives of others. Speak with our President, Kurt Buske, today to find out what our business opportunity can do for you and if it is a great fit for your life. No obligation, just a quick qualifying call to discuss the potential of changing your life by taking a calculated risk with a company that cares. Please email Kurt Buske today at:
Please note that this is required before speaking with our development team. We are a small system, dedicated to providing a lifetime of support to the business owners who trust us with their future, and we want you to feel completely ready before taking that amazing leap of faith to start building your financial legacy today.

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