Home Care Industry

“The Business of Caring, the Opportunity of our Times"

Today, the fastest-growing demographic in the United States is the 65+ population. In fact, those 65 years and older are growing faster than every other demographic combined.
As the baby boomers age, the number of people in need of occasional to frequent in-home help grows. In fact, it’s estimated that the number of individuals needing paid care services – seniors, the disabled and other groups – will double from 13 million in 2000 to 27 million by 2050. This assures a constant and growing need for quality home care services, making a home care franchise an excellent business opportunity.

People Want to Stay at Home

Studies have shown that, given the choice, seniors prefer to stay in their homes rather than move to a nursing home or other group facility. But you don’t need a study to explain why someone would prefer to live in their homes as long as possible. In many cases, seniors have spent a large portion of time in their homes. They have deep memories attached to where they live and it can be a heart-wrenching process to have to move.

Home care franchise owners have the opportunity to assist in a person’s choice to remain in their homes and maintain their independence, freedom, and dignity. They often just need a bit of help in order to make the choice to stay in their homes a reality. Home care allows them the flexibility to scale up the service as necessary to maintain their active and independent life style.

How Home Care Benefits Seniors and the Disabled

Home care franchises thrive because they offer needed help to both seniors and the disabled, as well as the loved ones tasked to care for them. It’s estimated that 50% of adults ages 45 and older spend up to 20 hours a week caring for an infirm loved one. Home care workers give these family members a needed break from their responsibilities in addition to many other benefits.

Home care workers can be there when family members can’t

Home care services can be a convenient way to fill in during times when family members aren’t available. This alleviates some of the stress, knowing their loved ones will be taken care of at all times.

Home care can help ease pressure on home health care services

Existing home health care services are stretched thin. Home care provides a raft of non-medical care services as a complement to standard health services. This allows home health care professionals to focus on their strengths and relieves some of the pressure on the system.

Home care can help with loneliness and depression

Homebound seniors often report feelings of isolation or loneliness which can lead to symptoms of depression. Having home care services makes certain the senior is cared for, but also gives them someone to interact with. This indirect benefit can make a world of difference for those people that lack human contact.

Work in an Industry Where You Can Make a Difference

Running a home care franchise can be an immensely rewarding experience. You and your employees can forge deep ties with your clients and their families. You’ll get the opportunity to help people retain their dignity and stay in their homes. Each day you can see the difference your service makes in people’s lives. The positive feedback is immediate and constant. You’re improving people’s lives and allowing them to live as they desire. For those that care for the welfare of others, home care can be a fulfilling and lucrative business.