Ability to Grow

Our 10 step advantage program

Ensuring your agency’s financial future is as important to us as it is to you and your family. Making sure that our Franchise Partners have the ability to stay ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of business is one of the reasons our A Better Solution Home office has been so successful at building a business of over 5 million in annual sales (2020). With multiple revenue streams and the ability to provide a continuum of care, your business will be recession proof and able to stand the test of time.

ABS Licensure Advantage Package

There are many requirements and regulations for each state in order to open your Home Care business. Many systems use outside consultants lacking ongoing coaching or without being experts in the field. With the ABS Licensure Advantage Package, we do all of the state licensure work for you and remain in contact with you on the progress at all times. Your documents and HR, policies, procedures and service contracts are specifically created for your state and you are trained on compliance by our President himself.

ABS Training Option Advantage

Joining a “One Size Fits All” system? That’s great if you have prior knowledge and are confident in your ability to open a new career path. Perhaps you need more guidance or would like to “Shadow” or have a little extra “Hands on Training?” We offer one and two week Boot Camp Options along with free refreshers for the lifetime of your ABS business because one size does not fit all. We at ABS understand that a little more time may mean the difference between immediate success and a long learning curve. That is why our Training Advantage sets us and our Franchise Partners apart.

ABS Nursing Advantage Program

Depending on what state you are in, there are only certain services you may provide under your companion, caregiver or home care license. Other Franchise systems have not addressed this fact and leave a valuable financial opportunity and revenue stream out of their systems’ offerings. Franchisees are not given the ability to grow in their business because their Franchisor has never built the Nursing Advantage. Offering Nursing is not just another revenue stream, it is a time tested, long term growth strategy for any Senior Care business. A Better Solution Home Care & Nursing is a dedicated revenue stream that can grow your business phenomenally. With the right guidance, our team of consultants and experts (extra fees apply) are here to assist you every step of the way. The Nursing Advantage Program allows our Franchise Partners to provide Staffing in Hospitals and Skilled Facilities. Working with Doctors’, Hospice professionals and Hospitals places your A Better Solution Franchise System in a position of higher status in the industry which means more referrals and more revenue. *Franchise owners are required to be in business over one year minimum and have a gross revenue of 1mm to purchase and qualify for the Nursing Advantage).

ABS Passive Model Advantage

Ready to create and build your financial legacy but not ready to quit your high paying career? Desiring to invest in an opportunity where your level of involvement is limited to backend investor? A Better Solution Passive Business Model is fully equipped to support your needs. Our Management Affiliate: hires, manages, trains, and oversees your staff on a twelve month contract, allowing you to grow your business with little or no involvement.  *Financial qualification applies.

ABS Back Office Advantage

Looking for a system that allows you to reap the rewards but does not require extensive bookkeeping knowledge? ABS Back Office Advantage allows you the freedom to run your business without worrying about the financials. ABS Back Office affiliate will perform your billing and make deposits into your account. There is no need to worry about collections, billing complaints, mailing invoices or other tasks. We issue your P&L (profit and loss) monthly so you can rest assured that you have the guidance needed to change direction or the comfort of knowing you are on the right financial track. *Additional fees apply.

ABS Revenue Stream Advantage

Since 2000, we have been building a financially successful and thriving business model. We offer you the 4 revenue streams that are a large part of our ongoing success.

  • Senior Care/Medically Fragile Adult Care
  • Registry/Hospital staffing
  • Senior Care Placement Options
  • Nursing Advantage

There is no limit to the amount of Care options that are available to our Franchise Partners. We call it Senior Care, but our Name says it all- A Better Solution In HOME Care. We are committed to supporting any demographic that can utilize care services in their home. Our business model is an inclusive service model designed to improve our partners’ profitability.

Lifetime Coaching Advantage

Our carefully crafted system offers you the availability of your leadership team through consultants and internal Corporate Mentors through the life of your ABS business for help and assistance regardless if you have just opened or if you have been in business for years. Your Leadership Executives will always be available for a coaching call or to answer questions. With monthly Leadership Chats and yearly Education Symposiums, we feel your business needs to remain on the cutting edge and that only happens through constant training, which we are committed to provide. *Some fees apply to outside coaches only.

Onsite Training Advantage

Within the first 6 months of your business, you will be offered onsite coaching for 8 days broken into 2 and 4-day visits for marketing support and compliance maintenance. You have trusted us to help you create a thriving business and your marketing is imperative to that. That is why we go above and beyond to offer on-site training at your location in order to ensure you understand your referral sources and gain traction in your target market.

Revenue Stream Ramp Up Advantage

Paid your franchise fee and are waiting for the licensure while listening to endless webinars? Not with the ABS Revenue Stream Ramp Up Advantage where your first onsite visit happens before you ever open your doors. We begin the process of your Placement Training and Contract Disbursement as soon as you decide we are the choice for you. This will allow you to gain knowledge of your territory, brand yourself and generate revenue while you are waiting for your business to open.

National Account Advantage

National accounts have already been acquired by our corporate office and there are no additional royalties for your business benefiting from acquiring business from them. As a matter of fact, our Account Development Director/PR Manager will be contacting you to qualify and file your business with your local placement and caregiving accounts that we have already established. We make it easy for you to start with success.