Advantage Level One: After your FDD is signed

Congratulations you are part of the team! This is a cause for celebration for both of us. You may be nervous, but we are not. We are geared up and ready to help you change your life and the legacy of your family. Being a part of a carefully crafted smaller franchise system allows you the flexibility to schedule your training all at once or in pieces as your waiting for your licensure to be formalized.

Onboarding your system includes:

Comprehensive three-part training modules for success.

Part 1

Prelicensure Training

  • Licensure package and all HR documents (included in franchise fee)
  • In-depth Webinar training on Brand, Business Lines, ABS Intranet
  • Training on our user-friendly software system
  • Training on our billing systems
  • PR appointment for Bio and interview
  • Set up of Social Media
  • Business cards and brochure completion
  • One Day onsite training on networking and territory analysis

Part 2

Post Licensure Training

We are excited, by now you understand the business of home care and are truly a part of our team. We have created your web presence and your social media; your PR is out there and your territory is groomed. They know you and they know your brand. The fear is gone and the excitement sets in as you get ready to change your life. We are ready to take you to the next level.

Part 3

Advantage Level One:

When you are licensed and ready to open your doors there are many moving pieces that although discussed and trained on previously, now need to be taught by application. Our seasoned executive team has a no-holds barred approach to teaching our Partners everything they need to master before opening their own business. The Building Blocks to your business are the nuts and bolts. This includes billing, payroll systems, staffing, and marketing; everything you need to practice and master to confidently move forward in home care ownership.

Pre-launch “Building Blocks to Business”

  • ABS Intense Home Care Boot Camp training at our Home Office in Sunny San Diego, CA.
  • We have one week and two-week options.
    • The ABS Advantage Difference
  • Your discovery day flight and hotel stay are refunded at this time
    • We understand this is a big investment
  • This includes a dynamic combination of classroom and field training.
    • All hands-on deck, you will spend time not only learning but also with hands on training in all aspects.
  • There are tests in each phase so there is no guesswork on what you have learned and retained.
    • Knowledge of what to spend more time on is critical to your development.
  • We run adds for your territory and begin the phone screening process
    • Hiring great staff will be the cornerstone of your service.
  • We develop a marketing plan for your specific Territory.