Post Launch

Advantage Level Two

Before you open your doors it is hard to know what to expect. ABS takes a lot of the guesswork out by coming out to your territory to help you introduce your brand before your licensure is complete. We break it down for you over your first nine months because we believe that early support is needed to give our Partners a firm foundation for success.

Post Launch Training: Building your Foundation

First 30 days

    • Weekly coaching calls as you hire staff and began branding your territory.

30-60 days

    • One week on site training by an executive coach and marketing specialist
    • Begin 6-months of unlimited Coaching Calls with your Marketing Coach.
    • Begin weekly calls for your business ramp-up phase with our president Kurt Buske, to ensure accountability.

90-120 Days

    • Two-day visit by executive team for marketing and HR compliance quality assurance.

Advantage Level Three: Business Success Plan

5-7 months

    • Second two-day on-site marketing support visit.

6 months

    • Benchmarking and continued on site support are determined.
    • Ongoing consultation and technical assistance for your franchise lifetime.
    • Monthly CEO, Leadership chats with Guest Consultants provided by ABS Corporate.

1 year

    • Annual franchise partner Educational Symposiums held every July.
    • Business and financial planning one-year Profit and Loss.

Being a part of a carefully crafted smaller franchise system allows you the flexibility to schedule your training all at once or in pieces as you wait for your licensure to be formalized, and after you have opened your business. Our system is dedicated to you and your success. That’s why all of these trainings may be duplicated or placed on the schedule of your choice. They are designed to instill confidence and assist you in hitting the preset system wide bench marks that are required for the financial success of our Franchise Partnership.

Having ongoing coaching and support for the lifetime of your business is very important to us. For this reason, our corporate office is constantly improving our network contracts, while guest consultants on leadership and education forums are available to you as part of the ABS Advantage System.