Right Fit Program

Training and Support is Essential to Your Success and We Take that Seriously

From the time you come to our offices for Discovery Day to the day you service your first client, our whole Corporate Team is training and mentoring you for maximum success in the Senior Care Industry. Many franchise systems will tell you this is an “Easy Business” but we want to be honest! Serving Seniors and the medically fragile in your community is not easy. We new believe nothing truly worth having ever is, but with the right training, mentorship, and continued dedication and support, owning a successful business becomes second nature to our Franchise Partners.

Discovery Day Process “Right Fit”

On our Discovery Day, we ask Candidates to fly or drive down the day before and spend some time getting to know our team and brand. Your night begins with dinner with the Managing Partners and the CEO, to ensure that our values, commitment and ideals are the same. Discovery Day begins with an overview of Home Care, a discussion of your Value Proposition and learning how you as the Owner will execute your business day to day to a successful outcome.
During your Discovery Day we will together determine whether Senior Care is truly a good fit for your lifestyle and your skill set. We are committed to educating and ensuring the “Right Fit.”


FDD In Depth Review

With our President, Kurt Buske
At A Better Solution, your first look at our FDD comes during the development process. Along with your FDD, you will receive our “Company FAQ’s Page” and “Company Score Card” with contact information of our Franchise Partners. The FDD is a very long document; you may have read it or have gone over it with your attorney, but we want to make sure you are comfortable with every detail so that you understand what you are signing.

Territory Analysis and Choice

With our VP of Operations.
The territory you want, or the terrioty that is available, or that we feel will be most lucrative for you, may not be the same. With over 550K in population available to our Systems, we want to make sure that your final territory “drill down” is a comprehensive study of the referral sources that will feed your business and create financial success. Our analysis is important for our marketing and training team to determine what types of marketing will be successful and which business line we will roll out first in your one-day onsite review. Our Director of Contract Acquisitions will determine where our national contracts are in your area and begin working on obtaining your contracts immediately after you sign your FDD.

We treat our Franchise Partners like parts of the whole, not just individual owners on their own island, so it is important that your style and needs are those that would benefit most from our Training Systems. We are dedicated for the lifetime of your franchise to coach and mentor you, creating and reaching benchmarks in service and profitability that can only be accomplished with hard work and commitment by both you and the ABS training team. Your Discovery Day process requires a full day of information, business plan training, and your own personal assessment of your needs and long-term desires. This way, we are both truly ready to begin our Franchise Partnership and our mutual “Right Fit” has been completely established. You may sign today or decide to go home and think about it. Either way we are grateful for the time and investment of travel you have chosen to spend researching our brand further. We understand this is a big decision to make and if you choose to move onto the next step, please note your travel expense will be refunded with the signing of your FDD.