Already a Home Care Business Owner?

You Can Still Benefit From Our Brand!

Even if you’re already in the home care business there’s considerable value in purchasing a franchise and converting over to the A Better Solution brand. We can provide the resources and the plan you need to scale your business and achieve unprecedented levels of growth and success. You’re already providing excellent care for your clients. Converting to A Better Solution will allow you to provide that same level of care for a much larger market!

We appreciate working with existing home care business owners because we already know they’re dedicated to the business and have the experience to proudly represent the ABS brand. We have over 135 years in the home care industry. Leveraging your existing clients, your knowledge of your local market, along with our proven, aggressive growth strategy will allow you to quickly scale your business and make more money than you ever have before.

Converting your business to A Better Solution can benefit you in a number of ways:
Increased Brand Awareness

A Better Solution services customers nationwide and has strong brand awareness among desirable target markets. Converting to ABS allows you to take advantage of this existing goodwill and expand your business footprint.

Access to a Wide Resource Network

Our size allows preferred pricing with a large network of vendors, allowing you to streamline your operations while saving money. We’ve also developed a number of proprietary systems for more efficient purchasing.

Marketing Help and Support

We’ve developed a powerful set of marketing materials for use by our franchisees. Add to this the multiple tiers of hands-on support and training we offer, and converting to ABS allows you a great opportunity to push your business to the next level.

Multiple Revenue Streams

If your business is siloed in one service area, becoming an ABS franchise owner will allow you to expand into new, profitable business lines. Our offerings include senior care, medical/registry staffing, senior placement, and skilled nursing options (home health).

Converting is Simple

We offer guidance at each stage to make your A Better Solution conversion a simple, painless process. In no time you’ll be enjoying all of the benefits that being an ABS franchise owner can bring.