How to Build a Trustworthy Reputation for Your Senior Care Business

old women looking to hire senior care services

This is an excellent time to become a senior care franchise owner with A Better Solution Home Care (ABS). 10,000 people turn 65 each day. The senior market continues to grow as the life expectancy has now reached almost 79 yrs old. Today’s seniors are more active, better informed, and healthier than most generations before them. The home care industry is growing in response to this need. ABS has some excellent marketing tools to help you develop your business into a successful home care franchise. Here are a few tips to help you build the trustworthy business you strive to have.

Expectations for the Agency

A Better Solution Home Care will oversee many items that are very important to clients and their families, such as proper licensing. certification, training, and bonding. Be sure to keep the needed requirements up to date. Framing and displaying these documents on the wall reassures many clients and families. Keep up with Continuing Education and other ongoing training and uphold Quality of Care Standards.

Provide prospective clients with an online and print version of a List of Services or Range of Services that apply to senior care. Have a generic contract for people to study and be sure that they understand what they are signing. Have authorization signed for the family member(s) who can speak with the nurse or administration for that client.

Expectations For the Employees

Firstly, be proud to work for A Better Solution Home Care. In other words, enjoy your days rendering senior care to the population that needs your help. However, as a business owner, don’t forget to always be on time for your appointments and do the best job you can. 

If you have an issue with your employer, please do not share that with your seniors, your friends, or your neighbors. Bring that to the owners of your senior care franchise. As we promote the Agency in the community, we need for them to see us all as one united, fair, trustworthy helper in their neighborhood.

Maintain your licensing and bonding requirements. Be willing to get additional training if someone feels it might help you. If an employee feels another employee needs to be retrained or has any issue with that employee, take it to your supervisor, not each other. If everyone will follow this guideline, it creates a well-running machine instead of coming across as reporting someone.

Expectations for the Franchisee

To create a trustworthy business is quite simple: be a trustworthy business owner.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Join some of the local business owner groups, especially the Chamber of Commerce. These groups usually offer some great, inexpensive ways to get your name out there. Go to the activities and training. 

If you can’t personally attend, assign a spouse, admin assistant, or supervisor. This person needs to be friendly, bubbly, and a great conversationalist. If she is your spokesperson, she needs business cards. These events are also an excellent way to meet local physicians and the people at the rehab facilities that will be sending potential clients of your senior care franchise home for at-home care. Other people you want to introduce the Agency to include local pharmacists, insurance brokers that sell to the senior market, and anyone else who deals with senior care.

Hopefully, getting this far has been the hardest part, and turning your new home care franchise into a trustworthy and prosperous business will start to feel more comfortable and flow naturally very soon. Good luck!