How to Increase Positive Reviews for Your Senior Home Care Business

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Have you invested in a senior care franchise and are now having trouble obtaining new patients? You are not alone, as many new business and franchise owners experience a similar situation. Luckily, the cause is often simple and easy to fix. First, you must ascertain whether your previous patients have been satisfied with your senior care services. If the answer is “yes,” then the most likely explanation is a lack of positive search engine reviews. We are talking about reviews on websites like Yelp and Google. 

To let potential patients know about the quality of your services, you need a variety of positive reviews across multiple websites. We can help you achieve this goal. Read on to learn how to easily increase positive reviews for your senior care business and thus gain new patients. 

Claim Your Business Online

Before you can start increasing your senior home care franchise’s positive reviews, you must first officially claim your business online. To do so, search your business’ name or address on Google Maps and click “Claim this business.” You will then be prompted to fill out all necessary information, such as an address, phone number, website, and photos. Once this step is complete, your business becomes viewable on Google, at which point you can finally start receiving reviews. 

In addition to being viewable on Google, you should expand your business’ presence to other websites as well. Such websites include Yelp, A Place For Mom, Aging Care, Senior Care, to name a few. With multiple websites containing positive reviews about your business, patients are much more likely to enlist your services.

Invite Satisfied Patients to Write Reviews

After creating an online presence for your senior care franchise, it is now time to start increasing your positive reviews. You might have many patients that love your services, however, if they don’t express their satisfaction, your online credibility suffers. Therefore, it is important to invite all of your patients to post an online review of their experiences. Make sure to ask this of every patient as well as the patient’s family members who also oversee your care. It will not take long before you have several high-quality reviews across multiple credible websites. 

Provide Feedback and Clarity to Reviews

Now that you have received some positive reviews about your franchise, you should strive to provide feedback to each review. This is especially important for those that express criticism, as you have an opportunity to provide explanations. For example, if you receive a negative review from a past patient, it’s not the end of the world. Rather, simply apologize for their unsatisfactory experience, and explain what you will implement to avoid similar issues in the future. 

Always Remain Respectful and Courteous 

Above all else, when replying to reviews, always be respectful and courteous. If you receive several positive reviews, humbly provide your appreciation. Likewise, you should remain respectful and gracious even when faced with criticism. The last thing you want for your business’ presence online is to give rude, angry feedback to negative reviews. Doing so can severely damage your franchise’s credibility. 

Start Your Franchise Today

These tips for senior care businesses are guaranteed to increase the number of positive reviews that you receive online. At A Better Solution In Home Care, we are proud to give others the opportunity to start their own senior care services. After joining our team, we give franchise owners all the tools needed for success in this market. With specialized training by our expert team members, your financial stability is guaranteed. 

So, start improving the lives of seniors while also investing in your financial future today. Contact us on our franchise website for additional information.