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Owning a Franchise During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented time for all of us.  It is affecting every part of life: health, education, work, the economy, and more.  If you own a franchise, you may be wondering how to move forward.  While this will look different for everyone, there are a few key things to keep in mind.  […]

5 Daily Habits of a Successful Franchise Owner

What does it take to own a franchise business?  Franchise owners need to be hard workers and good leaders.  They need to be able to keep everything about their franchise organized and running smoothly.  While this is all good hypothetically, what does it look like on the day to day?  How should franchise owners act?  […]

Senior Care Franchises: How to Get Started

So you’ve decided to open a senior care franchise.  Great choice, but now what?  Maybe you have experience with a different franchise business, or maybe you’ve never run a company before.  Perhaps you know all about senior home care, or maybe you know next to nothing.  No matter your background, you will need to do […]

Being Your Own Boss: How a Franchise Works

Many people dream of one day owning their own business.  Being in charge, making big decisions, seeing your hard work pay off – what could be better?  Starting a company from scratch, however, is incredibly difficult work.  While some people manage to pull it off, many achieve the title of business owners in a different […]

What Is the Best Franchise Business to Buy?

There are many benefits to owning a franchise business.  You get the independence of being in charge of a company while still having a proven idea, product, and marketing system to rely on.  You get to work hard to get your franchise business started and get to make passive income once it’s running smoothly.  If […]

Signs You’re Financially Ready for a Passive Income Investment Opportunity

Starting a business is something that many people dream of, but it is a difficult thing to make a reality.  With a franchise business, however, you can experience all the ups and downs of starting your own company with the added benefit of it becoming passive income.  Starting a franchise is a lot of work, […]

Reasons to Move Your Money Out of the Stock Market and into a Franchise Business

There are many ways to make a passive income.  The one that most people are probably familiar with is investing in the stock market.  Once you put in your money, you don’t have to do much.  You just watch the stocks and decide when you want to move your money around.  It sounds like an […]

Senior Care Franchise: 3 Reasons Now is the Time to Invest

One of the best franchises you could ever invest in is a senior care franchise. Baby boomers, the second largest generation in the United States, are reaching an age at which they need senior care. Many of these seniors will choose to live at home, which is understandable. Even so, they will require in-home care. […]

Senior Care: A Recession Proof Business Model

Currently, many franchises are encountering challenges due to the Coronavirus recession. As a potential franchisor, you may be looking for a business model that is recession-proof. Many senior care franchises offer recession-resistant business models.  Growing Elderly Population  Currently, senior care is booming and is projected to keep growing at a rapid pace. Why? Baby boomers, […]

Franchise Training: Why it is so Important to Being Successful

One of the most difficult aspects of owning and operating your own business is learning the most effective and efficient ways of accomplishing growth and managing your employees. If you are new to running a business, this can be daunting. What works well for your particular business model? Who should you hire? There are many […]

Senior Care: The Fastest Growing Industry Worldwide

Everyone will, one day, grow old. It is the natural order of things. Those who are not yet ‘old’ are sure to watch as their loved ones grow old. With the continual march of time and age, we need help with the things that were once easily done. Senior care is the fastest growing industry […]

3 Things You Must Know Before You Buy a Franchise

Owning a franchise is a great opportunity.  You get to be a business owner with the stability of an established brand name behind you.  However, this does not mean you should jump blindly into franchise ownership. Here are three things you should do before you buy a franchise. 1. Research before you buy a franchise. […]

How Does Franchise Ownership Work?

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business.  Franchise ownership opportunities may be a good way to go. A franchise business is already established, so the success rate is higher than that of a company started from the ground up.  But what does a franchise owner actually do? Here is some information you’ll need […]

Passive Business Ownership: What Is It?

The idea of being a business owner means different things to different people.  Maybe you have worked for a company where the owner is in the building every day.  Maybe your only experience with business owners is as more of an idea than anything else.  These people are probably passive business owners. This is common, […]

5 Tips to Making Passive Income from Your Franchise Business

Everyone has to work to make money – or do they?  One of the quickest ways to build wealth is to have passive income.  What is passive income? Basically it is the money you make on the side with little or no effort on your part.  This is obviously beneficial because it can bring you […]

4 Business Expenses Many New Owners Overlook

All kinds of people decide to open franchises, from experienced business owners to employees dreaming of being their own boss.  Because of the nature of franchising, not a ton of business experience is necessary to succeed. That being said, one of the most important things to learn about is business expenses.  Understanding and managing your […]

3 Tips for a First-Time Franchise Owner

Many employees dream of being their own boss.  What people don’t often consider when they debate becoming a business owner is starting a franchise.  A franchise business has all the pieces of an individual company with a lot of foundational stuff in place already.  Because of this, a franchise is a great first business to […]

Healthcare Franchise: Balancing Client Care and Profits

It’s the push and pull in every business – you want to make an impact, but you need to make money.  This is especially true in companies that directly impact their client’s lives like healthcare. As a business owner, you want all of your company’s patients to be well cared for.  At the same time, […]

5 Tips for Transitioning from Employee to Business Owner

Nearly every adult in the United States has experience being an employee.  A comparatively small number of people own businesses, though many dream of doing so.  Owning your own business means being your own boss. It is hard work, but you are in charge of the outcome of that work.  Here are five tips for […]

Starting a Franchise: How to Verify the Validity

Investing in a franchise can be a great way to open your own business.  Starting a franchise gives you the right to use the trademark, service mark, trade name, or advertising symbol of the parent company.  Instead of having to build the brand of your local business from the ground up, you get the name […]

Franchise Fees and Royalty Fees: What are They?

In addition to a franchise fee, it costs money to start a new business – even a well-established franchise.  That’s not a surprise to anyone considering going out on their own as a business owner.  There are the costs that come with an actual office: rent for office space, furniture, maybe utilities, even little things […]

Five Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Venturing out on your own as a business owner is both frightening and exhilarating.  As an entrepreneur, you have the chance to be your own boss as you build your own business.  You have the chance to shape your own future and direct your own career. Instead of answering to the higher-ups, you only answer […]

Financing Your Healthcare Franchise

There’s something about being your own boss that appeals to many people.  Running your own business is a great choice for people who seek independence and like to see the direct results of their own hard work.  But starting a new business is also risky and, for first-time business owners, can be a little overwhelming. […]

Nurse or Business Owner: Having the Best of Both Worlds

As a nurse, are you tired of making small wages? Do you feel that you could do more with your career? Good news! It is possible to be both a nurse and a business owner. In fact, your medical knowledge will put you ahead of many business owners in the world of healthcare franchises.  With […]

The Best Locations for a Senior Care Franchise

Locations for a senior care franchise must have certain qualities that might not be as simple as you would think. Many would reckon that Florida would be the best place to start a senior care franchise. Many elderly adults retire there for the weather and fun. These factors, however, are not what seniors look into […]

Starting a Franchise Business: A How To

You might think that owning a franchise business is impossible, but the reality is that the cost of starting a new franchise is far less than the cost of starting a new business. The franchise you choose will have a successful business model for you to work and succeed from. There is a 10% failure […]

Why a Healthcare Franchise Is a Good Investment

What is the first step to owning a successful franchise? Anyone that is thinking of purchasing a franchise should consider what options will bring in the most profit. Franchises fluctuate in popularity and profit. Popular franchises range anywhere from fast-food and auto repair shops to senior healthcare franchises. If you are interested in hopping on […]

Senior Care: Why This Industry is Booming Worldwide

There is a very good reason why senior care is on the rise: baby boomers. Baby boomers, numbering in at 75 million individuals, currently range from ages 51 to 69. Being the second-largest live generation in the United States, this generation shows a 75% increase from previous aging generations.

Why Healthcare Franchises Are Profitable

Healthcare is in high demand all across the United States. Even so, a particular branch of the healthcare franchise is about to be well sought after. Baby boomers, the second largest generation in the United States, are reaching the age of retirement. Whether it is an assisted living or in-home help, senior citizens will soon require senior care. 

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise is never an easy decision. While you may dream of your business bringing you endless profit, you may also imagine everything that could go wrong. Obviously, success as a franchisor will not happen immediately, but it is possible. With the right amount of research and understanding, you will understand what franchise opportunities […]

Owning a Franchise: 5 Helpful Tips

Your job as a franchise owner is to work with the sales and marketing of the product or service your business offers. Understand that while most marketing does require funding, in the end, it will gain you even more business.

Owning a Franchise: Your Path to Freedom

The first step to owning a franchise is to research what sort of franchise you want to invest in. It is important to also research top franchises, as their popularity rate provides an even better chance at success.

Three of the Best Franchises to Own

Choosing to purchase a franchise can be a life-changing decision. Not only will a franchise provide you with money, but it will also help you gain notoriety. The first step to purchasing a franchise is understanding what type of franchise fits you the best. You may also want to look into franchises that are popular, […]

Owning a Health Care Franchise in Today’s Health Care System

If you are interested in being your own boss, having more flexibility with your schedule, and helping others, get in touch with A Better Solution. Get the advice and training you need to start up a home health care agency in your area today.

Is Owning A Franchise a Good Investment?

Business conferences are very important and can help you learn more about your role in the company. These events offer the chance to network with other franchise owners. It allows you to build a team of colleagues and mentors who have been in the business for years. These new friends can provide you with valuable insight.

How Investing in Franchise Opportunities Can Buy You Freedom

A Better Solution can help you get started with a home health care agency of your very own. If you are interested in learning how to become your own boss, get in touch today.

Franchising: Turning Your Nursing Experience Into a Business

A career in nursing is one that allows you to consistently move up the ladder. Your evolving skills will open new doors, so you can take on more responsibility and earn a better salary.   After years in the nursing field perhaps you are ready for something new? To further advance your career, you could […]

Five Things to Consider Before Buying a Franchise

Many entrepreneurs who want to start their own business instead opt for buying a franchise. Essentially, this allows them to borrow another company’s business model, which has already proven successful. It also allows them to avoid the complicated process of building an entirely new brand and establishing a successful system of operation. (more…)

Why Home Care is One of the Best Low-Cost Franchises

The franchising industry keeps growing strong, offering aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to open their own businesses within established brands. If you’ve been thinking about buying a franchise that doesn’t require a large investment, you should know that a home care business is one of the best low-cost franchises to own. (more…)

Top Franchises for Home Care in the Country

As the senior demographic in the United States continues to expand at a remarkably rapid rate, senior care and home healthcare have emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors within the broader healthcare industry. (more…)

Finding a Franchise Business Opportunity in Home Care

We’re told by the US Census Bureau, that by 2030, the entire baby boom generation will be over the age of 65. This will increase the size of the older population so that one out of every five residents will be enjoying their retirement years. (more…)

10 Tips for Stopping Elder Abuse

Elder abuse takes many forms. Common scenarios include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as financial exploitation; and neglect. Abuse can take place anywhere from the individual’s home to long-term care facilities. Unfortunately, abuse often comes from the elderly’s own children. (more…)

Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Franchise

Buying a franchise is something that can help you achieve both your business and personal goals. A franchise provides you with a proven business model and training that’s organized and provided by the franchisor. It’s also an easier way to attract financing as lending institutions consider those buying franchises as less risky than people starting […]

How Franchising Saved a Life

The demand for senior and home care services continue to rise. The aging population will increasingly need additional help with in-home health care, taking medication, or even a platonic companion to fall back on when they feel lonely.

5 Reasons Home Care Franchising Pays Off

Investing in franchising opportunities such as this is first and foremost a business-related decision. However, when you invest in something like home care, it can become a very personal thing.

Why Pharmaceutical Reps Make the Best Home Care Owners

When starting a home care business, it’s vital that you possess a strong desire to keep learning for you to get ahead of the competition. After all, every patient is unique.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Franchise

The franchise business is growing in value and profits on a yearly basis. A lot of people are looking to invest. While investing in a franchise is bound to bring in significant profits, the amount of time, effort and money you’ll have to invest to make it profitable is not insignificant. If you are looking […]