Senior Care: A Recession Proof Business Model

senior care

Currently, many franchises are encountering challenges due to the Coronavirus recession. As a potential franchisor, you may be looking for a business model that is recession-proof. Many senior care franchises offer recession-resistant business models. 

Growing Elderly Population 

Currently, senior care is booming and is projected to keep growing at a rapid pace. Why? Baby boomers, the second-largest generation in the United States, are coming to an age where they require care. This care can include assisted living, in-home care, or admission to a senior care facility. It is clear to see why investing in a senior care franchise can profit you. Not only that, but it is understandable why the business model is so resilient. The large number of elderly citizens seeking care is about to grow exorbitantly. This demand will keep franchisors from falling flat, as it will only resume growing. 

Low Investment Rates 

Your investment into a franchise is paying to hire marketing, recruiting, and training staff. A franchise in the fast-food industry can cost you over half a million dollars. On the other hand, a senior care franchise can cost you anywhere from $50,000 to $51,000. These costs are much more realistic, especially for new franchisors. Because the starting investment costs are so low and the demand for senior care is so high, you are bound to quickly make back the money you have spent. 

A Secure Business Model 

It is easy to see why senior care franchises offer a secure business model. For a low initial investment, you are entering a business that is currently popular. About 73 million baby boomers will be reaching an age at which they need senior care. This huge number means that you will be receiving a quick profit from your franchise. 

Senior Care Franchising With A Better Solution

If you are interested in investing in a senior care franchise, A Better Solution is a great option. ABS offers you a gateway into the rapidly growing world of senior care with a small investment of $50,000. Due to our smaller sized franchise system, we have the time to focus on you! We make sure that our new franchise owners enter their field feeling confident. 

A Better Solution wants to ensure that you find success in the senior care franchise. This is why we invite you to visit our offices in San Diego, CA for a combination of classroom and field training. These training programs will take a look at operations, goal setting, and marketing. During your time training in the field, we will have an ABS coach come to your location to help you with your community. After 60 to 90 days, your coach will come back to see how you are doing and will help you make adjustments to keep your goals attainable. 

After you are done with training, you will participate in monthly leadership video chats. These are used so that you can touch base with us about the challenges and questions you may have. Additionally, you will have access to a library of webinars on a variety of topics and the support of older franchisors. Teamwork and partnerships are very important to ABS, so you will never have to feel alone during your time as a franchise owner. By investing in A Better Solution, you are investing in a solid business model that will bring success.