Senior Care Franchise: 3 Reasons Now is the Time to Invest

senior care franchise

One of the best franchises you could ever invest in is a senior care franchise. Baby boomers, the second largest generation in the United States, are reaching an age at which they need senior care. Many of these seniors will choose to live at home, which is understandable. Even so, they will require in-home care. Others may choose to live in a nursing facility. 

The large number of seniors seeking out assistance makes it understandable why senior care franchises are becoming so popular. These franchises offer the chance to make a cost-efficient, secure investment that will be easy to make back in no time. Senior care is certainly one of the best franchises to take a look at investing in for 2020. 

1. High Demand 

While senior care franchises are currently favored, they are about to become wildly popular. About 73 million baby boomers are reaching an age at which they will require senior care. These seniors may be seeking admission to a senior facility, in-home care, or assisted living. 

2. Low Investments

If you were to look into investing in fast food franchises, you would be spending somewhere in the ballpark of $500,000. Senior care franchise investments typically require that you spend around $50,000. These costs are realistic for those who are newcomers to the world of franchising. Typically, this money will be used for office space as well as for hiring marketing, recruiting, and training staff. Due to the demand for senior care, it will be easy to quickly make back the money you put into a senior care franchise.  

3. Secure Investments

There will always be a need for senior care. That need will explode in the coming years as baby boomers require assistance. More and more seniors will seek care, meaning that you will receive more paying clients. You will not experience periods of recession with a senior care franchise. This franchise is nearly shatterproof due to the demand for it. Take the low investment costs, combine them with the demand for senior care, and you will be making your money back (and more) in no time. 

A Better Solution: Your Option for Senior Care Franchises 

Needless to say, the senior care franchise is about to become one of the best franchises to invest in. A Better Solution is here to offer you access to the world of senior care franchises. All it takes is a simple investment of $50,000. 

Once you make an investment in A Better Solution, we will ask that you visit our offices in San Diego, CA. There, you will experience classroom and field training to prepare you for goal setting, operations, and marketing. After your initial training, you will have a coach from ABS at your location. This coach will help you with your community and return after 60-90 days to see how you are running things. Additionally, our coach will help you make any adjustments that may be needed to better reach your goals. 

Even after training, you will not be alone. A Better Solution offers a huge variety of resources to help you with your senior care franchise. ABS offers a constantly growing library full of our webinars and training. We also will give you the opportunity to reach out to older franchisors for advice or assistance. If you still have questions or need a second opinion, ABS holds a monthly leadership video chat to touch base with you. A Better Solution is highly invested in helping you become successful. Investing with us is securing a profitable future.