Senior Care Franchise: Is it Right For You?

Senior care franchise opportunity

If you are looking to invest in a franchise business, compared to others, senior care franchises are one of the best options.

The main benefits of owning a senior care franchise are that senior care has a profit margin of 30 to 40% and that the industry is in increasing demand. Also, while you don’t need the experience to run this business, most franchise vendors are likely to provide on-going support and guidance after your purchase.

While all the benefits are great, there are a few things to consider before seeking senior care franchise opportunities. Here is what you should know:

It is a Team Effort

When investing in a franchise, you’ll become part of a company . That’s a perk for you since these companies are likely to have an established name in the market. 

Since you are joining the brand, the main reason that these franchises provide on-going support and guidance when investing with them is that they genuinely want you to succeed. 

In the case of A Better Solution in Home Care, before making any investment, you’ll get to meet the team — managing partners and CEO — to ensure that everyone involved shares the same goals, values, lifestyle, and work ethic. 

Before making any investments, it is ideal for you to be comfortable with the collaborative efforts on a long term basis.


The demand for in-home care is growing at a stable rate. However, it is important to consider demographics. 

For example, if you live in a city like Ithaca, NY,  commonly known as a college town, where most of its residents are students and young people, then it may not be the best to invest in a senior care franchise. 

Another example where we would advise not to invest is if there is high competition from other senior care franchises in your area.

Marketing Techniques

For any business, not just franchises, marketing is crucial for success.

While having an established brand name behind your franchise units is a big help. You will also need to invest in marketing. The franchise vendors are likely to provide guidance on which marketing techniques may be helpful. 

However, it is up to you to decide how to advertise your business to your local community. For this, we highly recommend getting to know and understand your community  in terms of r lifestyle and values. 

Afterward, get in touch with a marketing agency. Communicate this information and your goals so the agency can create an efficient marketing campaign.

Costs of Investing in a Senior Care Franchise

There are different costs involved in starting a senior care franchise, depending on the business model you choose. 

The average cost to qualify for a franchise investment is around $50,000. This should cover the initial costs , such as the franchise fee and commuting costs to assist the in-home care training. As well as others  to operate the franchise while waiting for state licenses. 

Overall, you can expect to invest between $90,000 to $350,000 in a senior care franchise.

It Is a Lifestyle

Having a senior care franchise requires time and effort, from being a leader to your staff members to ensuring that seniors are receiving dignified treatment to receiving on-going training to improve your business. In a way, franchise owners may say it is a satisfying lifestyle.

If you believe you are the right fit to become a senior care franchise owner, please contact A Better Solution in Home Care. We will provide you with further details about how to proceed with your application process. We are here to help you grow a successful business!