Senior Care Franchise Owners: Tips for Meeting With Potential Clients

senior couple signing contract to receive senior care services

If you are the owner of a franchise of a senior care home, meeting with potential clients is an important part of your job. You must attract clients to your community for it to thrive. 

Before you sit down with a potential client, here are some things to keep in mind.

Be Prepared 

Before you meet with a potential client in person, you should have spoken to them or their loved ones on the phone, over email, or both. Hopefully, you used this time to gather general information: your client’s name, the names of their family members or loved ones, and other baseline information.

Have this information on hand as you sit down with your potential client. You will learn much more information in the meeting, which you should keep records of as well, but preparation is key. 

This should go without saying, but be professional. Make sure your clothing and affect are neat, clean, and appropriate. Be punctual and keep your cell phone turned off. 

The way you present yourself even as you enter the meeting will show a client immediately that you value them and their time. This is an important first step to slowly winning their trust. 

Know Your Role 

As someone who provides home help for the elderly, your job is to be of assistance. Deciding whether to pursue home care assistance can be a stressful and emotional moment in the life of your client and their loved ones. You are a stranger. Even by meeting with you, the family is inviting you into a deeply personal situation. 

You are not attempting to intrude on a client’s life or their family dynamics. Also, you are not trying to “take over” for their family or other loved ones. You are inviting a client to join your community, where you will have the privilege of caring for them. You must make this very clear.

In the first few minutes of your meeting, don’t ask the client any personal questions unless they broach them first. Instead, ask how you can help. Learn their needs and goals in receiving senior care services. Listen attentively. Take notes. Do not interrupt. Do not attempt to steer the conversation. And above all, do not jump right into a sales pitch. 

Show the potential client and their family that you are attentive and invested in them. Build rapport. Be empathetic and engaged. Learn all you can about your client: their life, their routine, their likes and dislikes. The more information you gather, the better you can serve them, and the more they will feel at ease.  

Show, Don’t Just Tell 

Senior care is an honor and a responsibility. Once your potential client starts asking questions, you should be prepared with clear and informative answers. Explain how your services can meet their needs without being pushy. Transparency is a crucial part of not only attracting new clients but keeping them happy once they move in.  

Offer your potential clients and their loved ones a tour of your campus. Ensure that the potential room where your client might live is clean, neat, and inviting. If your client has expressed interest in certain amenities, like facilities or programming, be sure to highlight those.    

You became the owner of a senior care home to help care for people. Let this guide you every step of the way as you build your business. The best way to bring new clients into your community is to have a sterling reputation, providing excellent care to the clients you are already lucky enough to have. If you are interested in opening a senior care franchise, contact A Better Solution in Home Care to get started.