Senior Home Care Franchise Owners: 5 Qualities that Make a Great Caregiver

Happy caregiver taking care of senior woman at home

If you’re a senior home care franchise owner, your job is deeply rewarding. It also carries a tremendous amount of responsibility. One of the most important things you will do as the owner of a franchise business is hiring caregivers. After all, a caregiver will end up taking a lot of this responsibility. 

No matter how involved you are with your business, it’s your caregiving staff who will work most closely with your patients. Hiring caregivers who provide high-quality service is key to your patients’ satisfaction and the success of your franchise. 

Before you hire a caregiver, make sure they have these five qualities.


Senior home caregivers assist people who depend on them every day. Above all, any caregiver you hire must be reliable. While it’s hard to be certain how reliable someone is before you hire them, many clues can give you a good sense. Is the potential caregiver prompt in returning your phone calls and emails? Are they easy to schedule interviews and meetings with? Are they on time, or better yet, early? 

When you check a potential caregiver’s references, be sure to ask about their reliability specifically. You need to know that your caregivers will show up for work on time, in their uniforms, prepared and ready to work. You need to know that when you assign your caregivers tasks, they will complete them. Unfortunately, if a caregiver isn’t reliable, none of their other good qualities matter.


Caregivers must have compassion. After all, caring is in their job title. Your potential caregivers should be invested in the health and happiness of your clients. They should want to form friendly relationships with them. This should be something they stress as you interview them. It should also be a proven skill based on their references. 

After all, the residents of your franchise are clients. They don’t just need assistance completing tasks. They need patience, compassion, respect, and human connection. The compassion of your caregivers is key to ensuring a positive experience for your clients. It will make them happy to receive care. And just as importantly, it will help them feel comfortable alerting the caregivers to any potential issues. 

Attention to Detail 

For a caregiver, the difference between completing a task correctly and almost correctly could be a matter of life and death. This is true whether a caregiver is helping a patient move, bathe, take medication, and more. A good caregiver must pay close attention to every detail of their work and ensure it is executed correctly. 

Caregivers must also pay close attention to their clients.  Ideally, a caregiver can anticipate a client’s needs before they arise. Changes in client mood, physical condition, or overall health must be monitored and reported. The way a potential caretaker talks about their work should give you a strong sense of whether they are detail-oriented, or just going through the motions.


Your caretakers will be involved in the intimate details of your clients’ lives. They will likely be privy to information about your clients’ health, habits, and personal lives. 

You need to be sure that any caretaker you hire respects client confidentiality. Sharing information that is pertinent to a client’s health and well-being with other staff members is appropriate. Gossip is not. Ever. 

Any caretaker you hire should understand the difference. 

Communication Skills 

Listen to how potential caregivers answer your interview questions. Do they communicate in a way that is compassionate, but clear? Are they able to express complicated things in a way that is easy to understand? 

Your caregivers must communicate well with both your clients and you. This will ensure your clients’ needs are well taken care of, and that you know how to meet their needs.

Hiring excellent caregiving staff is a crucial part of building a successful senior home franchise. As long as your caregivers have these five qualities, you’re on the right track. 

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