Senior Home Care Franchise Tips: How to Hire and Monitor Your Employees

senior home care franchise owner wearing a gray shirt, using the phone and a laptop

A senior home care franchise can be an incredibly successful venture, but it is not always easy to keep track of your employees and see what they are up to. You are putting your trust and the reputation of your business in their hands, so it’s important to make sure you hire the right people and keep them accountable. With employees entering the homes of many residents every day, it’s a good idea to keep track of their activity and make sure they are properly caring for your clients.

Selecting from a Pool of Applicants

The number of home care personnel continues to grow, and it can be difficult to weed through the large pool of applicants. It may not always be easy to figure out who to hire, which is why you should look at their qualifications. See where they have worked before and what degree of schooling they have. It is important to hire the most qualified people, as they represent you and your business. Sometimes employees will quit after a few months, so it is important to keep a constant eye on applicants if you end up needing to fill a spot.

Background Checks

Be sure to run a background check on all employees. This is an essential step that will help give you and your clients peace of mind, as these caregivers enter the homes of the elderly daily. You need to run a reputable senior care franchise, and with people entering homes wearing your logo, you want to make sure they’re good people with clean records who genuinely want to help your residents.


Safety is always a concern for family members when they hire an outside business to care for their elderly loved ones. When you run a home care franchise, this can be a large concern for you as well. You don’t want a rogue employee to ruin your reputation as a business leader or to harm the clients for whom they provide care. Things could always go wrong, so it is a good idea to invest in cameras. Cameras can be expensive but are also an incredible investment. They help uphold the integrity of your company and allow you and your clients to monitor the care provided. If you can’t provide cameras, encourage your clients to invest in one or two. This could bring great peace of mind to you and the families of the elderly.

Activity Logs

A less expensive but also less guaranteed alternative to cameras is an activity log. Task your caregivers to keep track of what they do and when. This way, you can be a little more sure of what they are up to inside the homes of your clients. You can ask your clients to verify the accounts of your employees to make sure they are being honest and to confirm that you are hiring only the best caregivers to represent you and your business.

No matter how you choose to monitor your staff, it is important to make sure your clients are safe and properly cared for. Make sure your personnel has the proper training and that they are the right people who will help your business succeed. A Better Solution in Home Care is a great source to go to, as they can help provide the necessary training and provide you with more tips on how to run a proper senior home care franchise. Running a home care franchise is an incredible experience, and hiring the correct people will ensure that your business runs smoothly. Call A Better Solution in Home Care at (877) 585-9011 or visit their website to get started.