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6 Time Management Tips for Senior Home Care Franchise Owners

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Running a business isn’t easy. It takes time to efficiently keep a business afloat and not everyone is the master of their own time; also, the struggles of procrastination or overworking are very real. For senior home care franchise owners, managing your time is a crucial step to effectively meet the needs of our senior loved ones.

In short, time management is the act of strategically organizing, controlling, and managing time. Being able to manage time equates to having a productive and efficient workday, but learning proper time management doesn’t happen overnight. However, following these time-management tips can put a business owner ahead.

List Your Priorities

The first step to time management is understanding where you and your priorities lie. Listing your priorities in order of importance can help you tackle the difficulties head-on, and gain a broad understanding of your day. When finding your priorities, take the time to learn your schedule. When are you the most productive and busy? Also, when is your golden hour? Knowing this information can allow you to save the most important tasks for the best time frames.

Plan in Advance

Planning your week in advance is a time management skill that anyone can acquire. By using a calendar, planner, or app, franchise owners can plot their deadlines and important tasks ahead of time. You will gain an understanding of your schedule and be able to juggle tasks efficiently. Planning is a tool that will allow you to stay organized and ahead, efficiently managing your time to get the most out of the day.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is a myth. Unlike common perception, our brains cannot handle managing multiple tasks simultaneously. Instead, we constantly switch between tasks. For our senior loved ones, giving them our undivided focus is crucial to their health and care. If we get caught multitasking, we can only give a portion of our attention. To better manage your time, you need to focus on one task at a time if you want to provide quality service.

Block Out Distractions

Distractions will lead to hindrances and delays in our schedule, and delays may result in problems. Learning to avoid unnecessary distractions is a useful tool for a franchise owner. Distractions could include our devices or even music if it hinders our ability to focus. Blocking out distractions and staying focused is the best way to efficiently get a task done.

Be Flexible

When running a business, the unexpected is to be expected. Either a new client shows up or there are issues with the website; unexpected events will happen. When managing time, it’s a good idea to leave room for the unexpected. This can be done by scheduling an allotted time in advance or learning how to reprioritize your tasks.

Get Rest

While taking care of our senior loved ones is essential, it’s useless if franchise owners don’t take time to themselves. An important time management skill is knowing when to rest. Not taking the liberty to rest could waste time and lead to overworking. Overworking can result in sloppy work and an inability to focus, which leads to a dangerous environment for our seniors. Resting is not a waste of time. Your health is crucial to the success of your senior care franchise.

A Better Solution Helps Start-Up Franchises

A Better Solution (ABS) is a senior in-home care service that has been aiding senior care franchise businesses by starting up their journey. ABS has been in business since 2000, intending to help franchisees who are looking to manage their time and help their local senior community. We want you to have the opportunity to create long-lasting memories and give senior loved ones the in-home care they deserve. If you’re an interested franchise owner, visit us at ABS Opportunity – A Better Solution ( and join the magic of caring.

FAQS of Running a Senior Home Care Franchise

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Senior home care is always in demand. And the number of aging citizens choosing to receive care at home is expected to grow exponentially. If you are running a franchise, or you are looking forward to do so, information is essential. In changing times, it’s more important than ever to stay abreast of the current needs in home care. 

Running a senior home care franchise requires more than just an interest in helping others. It also entails providing the highest levels of safety and quality care. And because care is at the center of any senior’s wellbeing, it’s imperative to ensure that your franchise is maximizing its resources to provide optimal care. Here are a few helpful facts and questions. 

What can I do to foster a safer environment for seniors?

Safety is the top priority of in-home care services for seniors. And families are trusting franchises like yours to provide safe and quality care for their loved ones. To do so, you must make sure that your caregivers are thoroughly vetted and properly trained. These are your representatives and the people whom each senior will rely on for their individualized home care. In these times, safety protocols are changing rapidly. Ensure that all caregivers entering patients’ homes are aware of and following the highest safety measures possible to avoid exposure to contagious illnesses such as COVID-19. 

How can I meet each senior’s individualized needs?

One size does not fit all when it comes to senior care. And it is important to remember that each senior may require a different type or level of care. For example, seniors with mental illnesses, like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, will need a caregiver who can meet those special needs. This is why hiring properly trained caregivers and matching them with compatible patients is essential. Not all home care workers will be a good fit to help a particular senior. Therefore, it is crucial to assess the senior’s needs before pairing them with a caregiver. 

What if my franchise is understaffed? 

Caregiver shortages do happen. In times like these, the healthcare industry is extremely taxed. And with the number of people needing senior care services rising, it is essential to ensure that your franchise is well-staffed. Foster good communication and relationships with staffing agencies. And reach out to them if you are in need. While they might be under a strain themselves, they may provide some temporary caregivers until permanent workers are in place. 

How can I strengthen my franchise?

Being proactive is one of the most important factors in running franchise businesses. In addition to strategically hiring and training caregivers, you can also attend regular training sessions. Also, you can stay up to date with current and developing safety protocols. In short, the success of your home care franchise starts with you. And if you’re ready to handle the challenges, the results can be extremely rewarding.

If you’re running a senior home care franchise or considering getting started, you likely have a desire to help others. Understanding the needs and concerns related to senior home care can help your franchise and its clients thrive. And while there are a plethora of business-related aspects to organizing a franchise, keep in mind that care is at the center of it all. And not just any care. Top-quality, world-class care for seniors is the ultimate goal. At Better Solutions in Home Care, we share in your passion for providing exceptional senior care at home. And we have many resources that can help you improve or start your own franchise. Our helpful agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (877) 585-9011 or visit our website today to find your opportunity to make home a safer place for seniors. 

What Are the Requirements to Running a Senior Home Care Business? 

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Starting a senior care franchise through A Better Choice In Home Care requires a lot of planning and business sense. Home care providers often offer different levels of care based on limitations placed on them by licensing requirements. As a result, the things you need to be successful may depend upon your location. Some of the requirements for opening a senior home care business are below. 


Like all other franchise businesses, people who wish to open A Better Choice In Home Care franchise need funding. To become a franchisee, applicants must pay a one time $50,000 franchise fee. You’ll also need $125,000 to invest in and grow the business, as well as $300,000 to cover payroll and management. With $475,000 total, you can be off to a running start in opening your very own franchise. 

State Licenses

Depending upon the level of care you want to offer to your clients, there may be state licensing requirements. Most home care providers specialize in helping seniors with activities of daily living like keeping active and providing meals. These senior care services don’t require special licenses. As a result, some home care providers focus on these services and choose not to offer medical care so they can avoid these requirements. However, there are many seniors who won’t be able to receive care from your business if you don’t offer medical care. 

A Better Solution in Home Care franchisees have an advantage over our competitors. We offer the ABS Licensure Advantage Package to handle all license requirements for franchise locations nationwide. 

Appropriate Training

Your franchise location will need a variety of staff to provide companion care, personal care, nursing care and more. Before you can offer your services to the public, you have to onboard and train the staff in all of these positions. They need to know the policies and procedures that will govern their work experiences, as well as how to address any problems they encounter. 

The ABS Training Option Advantage and Onsite Training Advantage give franchisees an all-encompassing training experience upon opening a new location. The Onsite Training Advantage provides you with two coaching sessions during the first six months after you open a new franchise location. The ABS Training Option Advantage also provides refresher training sessions as needed to support you throughout the life of your business. 

Policies and Procedures

With the prevalence of elder abuse and other sensitive concerns, it’s important that new home care providers have comprehensive policies and procedures. For instance, these measures should provide employees with a roadmap to help them navigate almost every situation. They should include procedures to report suspected elder abuse, policies to guide them through routine duties, and other pertinent information to help support employees. Our ABS Licensure Advantage Package can also help with this endeavor. 

If you are considering opening a franchise through A Better Solution In Home Care to provide senior care services in your area, we provide a variety of support services to help you become successful. To learn more about how we can support your franchise ambitions, visit our website!