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5 Tips to Help Your Caregivers to Improve Communication with Seniors

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When working with senior citizens, it’s crucial that all communication is clear and understood by both the caregiver and senior. If any information is misunderstood by either party, then complications can occur that undermine the quality of the care administered. For this reason, caregivers who work with the elderly must always strive for effective communication. And, sometimes, this requires taking extra measures to increase your senior’s understanding. 

As an added bonus, adequate communication leads to satisfied patients, which positively affects your in-home care services for elderly individuals. Continue reading to learn our five tips for improving communication with seniors. 

Allow Extra Time for Explaining And Understanding 

As individuals age, they can develop cognitive issues that make it difficult to understand new information. Therefore, it’s important to instruct your caregivers to allow additional time when overviewing the day’s agenda and reading medication instructions. Doing so will instill confidence in your patients and contribute to an overall better caregiving experience. 

Limit Distractions When Giving Information and Transitioning

When working closely with the elderly, your caregivers should aim to limit all distractions when giving information and going through transitions. One should be especially mindful of patients suffering from dementia and other forms of cognitive decline. In this instance, caregivers need to take control of the situation by implementing gentle reminders and praises. For example, if you are about to transition from breakfast to a light morning workout, be patient, supportive, and assertive. 

Enunciate Clearly and Use Simple Words

In some cases, when your seniors experience cognitive decline, hearing loss, etc., you must take extra steps to communicate. These additional steps include enunciating your words as well as using simple words and manners of speech. Never talk to the senior in your care as if they were a child. However, do utilize concise, direct language that does not include medical terms and complex sentences.

Summarize Important Information 

Another great tip for helping the caregivers you employ to better communicate with seniors is summarizing important information. For example, after going over instructions, simply provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand summary of your points at the end. Taking this extra step ensures that both parties understand exactly what is to follow. 

Allow Senior to Ask Questions for Clarification 

Caregivers for the elderly can easily make the mistake of not letting their patients ask adequate questions after giving information. Therefore, anytime that you are administering medication or overseeing a workout, always allow your senior to ask questions. Many times, they may refuse to do something that you have asked because they do not understand. Thus, by asking, “Do you have any questions about what we’re doing?”, your patient is more likely to respond positively. Additionally, they will begin to trust you as well as any routines and activities that you implement in the future. 

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