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What Are the Requirements to Running a Senior Home Care Business? 

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Starting a senior care franchise through A Better Choice In Home Care requires a lot of planning and business sense. Home care providers often offer different levels of care based on limitations placed on them by licensing requirements. As a result, the things you need to be successful may depend upon your location. Some of the requirements for opening a senior home care business are below. 


Like all other franchise businesses, people who wish to open A Better Choice In Home Care franchise need funding. To become a franchisee, applicants must pay a one time $50,000 franchise fee. You’ll also need $125,000 to invest in and grow the business, as well as $300,000 to cover payroll and management. With $475,000 total, you can be off to a running start in opening your very own franchise. 

State Licenses

Depending upon the level of care you want to offer to your clients, there may be state licensing requirements. Most home care providers specialize in helping seniors with activities of daily living like keeping active and providing meals. These senior care services don’t require special licenses. As a result, some home care providers focus on these services and choose not to offer medical care so they can avoid these requirements. However, there are many seniors who won’t be able to receive care from your business if you don’t offer medical care. 

A Better Solution in Home Care franchisees have an advantage over our competitors. We offer the ABS Licensure Advantage Package to handle all license requirements for franchise locations nationwide. 

Appropriate Training

Your franchise location will need a variety of staff to provide companion care, personal care, nursing care and more. Before you can offer your services to the public, you have to onboard and train the staff in all of these positions. They need to know the policies and procedures that will govern their work experiences, as well as how to address any problems they encounter. 

The ABS Training Option Advantage and Onsite Training Advantage give franchisees an all-encompassing training experience upon opening a new location. The Onsite Training Advantage provides you with two coaching sessions during the first six months after you open a new franchise location. The ABS Training Option Advantage also provides refresher training sessions as needed to support you throughout the life of your business. 

Policies and Procedures

With the prevalence of elder abuse and other sensitive concerns, it’s important that new home care providers have comprehensive policies and procedures. For instance, these measures should provide employees with a roadmap to help them navigate almost every situation. They should include procedures to report suspected elder abuse, policies to guide them through routine duties, and other pertinent information to help support employees. Our ABS Licensure Advantage Package can also help with this endeavor. 

If you are considering opening a franchise through A Better Solution In Home Care to provide senior care services in your area, we provide a variety of support services to help you become successful. To learn more about how we can support your franchise ambitions, visit our website!