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Senior Care Business Owners: What to Do When Caregivers Get Burnout

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Most caregivers in the senior care business burn out after less than one year. Caregiver burnout is a very serious issue. It results in unhappy clients and higher turnover. Burnout is also incredibly expensive. But you can stop it.

The first step is to know what caregiver burnout is. You need to know the symptoms of caregiver burnout. Then, you need to know the steps you can take to fix the problem. Here is how you can recognize caregiver burnout and fix it.

Remind Them Why They Became a Caregiver in the First Place

Reminding a caregiver why they wanted to become a caregiver is one of the biggest motivators you can tap into. While it can be difficult to care for patients on a daily basis (that is unless your patients are having fun in their golden years!), coming back to the reasons they became a caregiver in the first place can help them enjoy and embrace this part of their job. Any time they feel stressed or overwhelmed, make a list of the reasons why they chose to start caring for others in the first place.

Other Ways to Help Employees With Caregiver Burnout

Connect Them with Support Groups

If your caregiver feels stuck in a rut in your career, have them reach out to other caregivers. This can be done through hospital support groups, online communities, or more locally by going into local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Caregiving support groups are an excellent way to connect with like-minded peers and find productive ways to deal with the stress of the job, and stay motivated through the process. The most important key is to do something that makes your caregiver feel positive about continuing their work as a caregiver. When we treat ourselves roughly, we pay for it in more ways than one!


Caregivers often feel that they don’t have enough time in their day to exercise because they work long hours. However, it is fundamental to make time for fitness.

Exercise not only keeps you healthy, but it will help you relax and de-stress. The key is to find time amidst your busy schedule. This is crucial, especially when things are hectic at the job or there are patients suffering from severe conditions.

One way caregivers can make room for exercise in their day is by planning ahead of time; save time for an exercise session as these moments could actually be where you’re the busiest. Even just a walk around the neighborhood during lunch would suffice!

Rest Well

To be effective at your job, ample sleep is key. Good sleep practices can determine how well you do your job. Before bedtime, try some of these common tips: having a consistent nighttime routine, avoiding prying electronic gadgets that give off artificial light in the 60 minutes right before bedtime, and aiming for eight hours of shuteye every night.

Set Goals

Goals are excellent ways to stay motivated in your daily life. There’s no such thing as a little goal or a big goal, and you should set them to help hold yourself accountable for certain things that you want to improve in your personal life.

Don’t be afraid to set goals related specifically to your work because everyone could find some way of working smarter and better! For example, some basic workplace goals can be interacting with more patients throughout the day, finding methods to destress at work, or eliminating those time-wasters that make us feel frantic and hurried.

Take Breaks

A recent study has shown that taking regular breaks can help you feel more motivated and focused at work.

While it’s true that finding time to take breaks can be difficult when you work in senior care services, you have to be creative in arranging your day to take the downtime you need. For example, try scheduling a break for yourself every couple of hours or hire respite care so that you can get away from your responsibilities for a while. You’ll feel refreshed and recharged when you return to work.

Take a few moments every morning or during lunch to stop and breathe in deeply, then focus on the positive things that are happening right now. You can’t do away with stress altogether, but you can change how you deal with it!

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