Three of the Best Franchises to Own

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Choosing to purchase a franchise can be a life-changing decision. Not only will a franchise provide you with money, but it will also help you gain notoriety. The first step to purchasing a franchise is understanding what type of franchise fits you the best. You may also want to look into franchises that are popular, as they will bring in more money. Below, you will find three of the best franchises to own.

Beauty and Grooming Franchises

When people look nice, they feel confident. The beauty and grooming franchise has been standing strong for quite a while now. It is arguably one of the best franchises to own. In any town, you will find hairdressers scattered around the neighborhood. Some of these hair salons deal specifically with women, but there are also salons and barbers that are created for men (like Sport Clips). The startup cost for Beauty Squares, a salon business, is between $356K-$932.3K.

In this day and age, there are various pampering services for women. Just as there are various ways to pamper oneself, there are various costs to their startups. Amazing Lash Studio, an eyelash extension salon, has a startup cost of $251.1K-$504.1K. Frenchies Modern Nail Care, a nail salon, comes in at a cost of $195.6K-$336.1K. The prices for purchasing these beauty and grooming franchises obviously vary, but currently, this industry is drawing a lot of attention.


In our current world, it is very common to find that both parents in a family are working. These parents need a trusted, safe place to leave their children during the day. Childcare, whether it is a daycare or a nanny, is only going to get more and more popular as more working couples become parents.

Adventures Kids Playcare, a childcare and entertainment facility, has a startup cost of $344.3K-$589K. College, Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors is a nanny, tutor, and babysitting placement company. It has a startup cost of $134.5K-$227K. Children’s Lighthouse, another childcare facility, has a startup cost of $693.5K-$4.6M. Many parents are looking for reliable companies, nannies, and babysitters to care for their children. A rising population means a rising need for childcare.

Senior Living Care

While a rising population means a rise in the need of childcare, it also means there is a rise in the need for senior care. Currently, our population of baby boomers is ascending into the age where assisted living or senior living may be required, meaning that this category of a franchise is bound to be successful. Not only that but with franchises like A Better Solution, start-up costs are drastically lower (at only 50K).

Your Best Franchise to Own Option

While beauty and grooming and childcare are great options for franchising, senior care seems to be the best option in terms of opportunity. It is one of the best franchises to own today. 2019 has become a catalyst point for baby boomers, meaning that many elderly adults are in need of help with activities of daily living. Not only that but with franchises like A Better Solution, you are looking at spending far less on your start-up costs. With A Better Solution, you are not only looking at a proven, successful business model, but one that will be vital to the growing need seniors will have for assistance in the environment of their choice.