What Is the Best Franchise Business to Buy?

franchise business

There are many benefits to owning a franchise business.  You get the independence of being in charge of a company while still having a proven idea, product, and marketing system to rely on.  You get to work hard to get your franchise business started and get to make passive income once it’s running smoothly.  If you’re thinking about buying a franchise, you are probably wondering what the best franchises are.  More companies are franchises than most people would think, from restaurants to hotels to senior care franchises.  When it comes to what is best, there are a few different ways to look at that.  Let’s break it down for you.

Smallest initial investment

For many people, the best means cheapest.  There are a few different ways to look at that when it comes to best franchises.  One of those is in terms of the initial investment.  This is the fee you have to pay the parent company at the very beginning in order to have the right to open a branch of their franchise. 

The type of franchise business with the smallest initial investment is travel agency franchises.  Because these are usually run from the home, there is very little startup cost.  Some even have an initial franchise fee of less than $1,000.  Of course, you most likely will spend more money later on, but it is nice to start off saving.  It is also important to consider that you will likely be able to make more money in the long run with a franchise business that has a bit higher initial fee.

The Most profitable franchise business

Another way to look at the best franchises is to see how much money you could potentially make through passive income.  All franchises require start-up money. How quickly a return on that investment occurs depends on how much you put down and how well the business is going. 

It is no surprise that some of the most profitable franchises in the U.S. are popular brands everyone can recognize.  The top three are Dunkin, 7-Eleven, and Planet Fitness.  While these franchise businesses can make you the most money in the long run, they also require a significant amount of money in the initial investment and startup fees – sometimes millions of dollars.

Biggest community impact

While almost any new company has an impact on the town that it is located in, it is hard to argue against senior care franchises as the type of franchise business with the most community impact.  Senior care helps people by providing personal and medical care to the elderly, taking pressure off of family members to become full-time caregivers as their parents and other relatives age.  Most senior caregivers work closely with the same patients over a long period of time, building relationships that aren’t generally found in any other franchise business.  If you want the best franchises for helping your community and serving your neighborhood, look no further than senior care.

Looking to invest in a franchise business?

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